A visit with Mark Briggs, author of Journalism 2.0

Mark Briggs is author of Journalism 2.0 and director of digital media for KING 5.

Mark Briggs is author of Journalism 2.0 and director of digital media for KING 5.

Mark Briggs is a traditional turned digital guy. Prior to meeting him I read one of his articles on blogging. One statement in particular stuck out: “Journalists are not bloggers. They’re media companies.”

He explained that bloggers and social media managers are often undervalued. However, blogs establish a journalist’s brand and credibility, they can also open doors to new opportunities. Eventually a blog can transform into a business. If a blog is providing information that people are interested in, it is fulfilling a need. The same goes for a business. To find success, one must make something people want.

Our world is currently experiencing an abundance of information overload. It is no longer difficult to research a topic. Social media is crucial to reach various audiences.

Briggs also mentioned the traditional lecture vs. interactive models of journalism. Although there is an abundance of technology, we must look at the future in a way that’s hopeful. New digital opportunities allow readers and writers to interact. Not only does this allow for more perspectives, it also encourages people to contribute story ideas. The goal is to be different, not necessarily better. Technology will continue to influence journalism but the living and breathing nature of the craft makes it exciting.

The most important skills for journalists that Briggs touched upon are: writing, reporting, designing, coding and doing social media. Students must prepare themselves for jobs that don’t currently exist. Through networking and maintaining honesty and curiosity, people can succeed as entrepreneurial journalists.


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